Mt Prospect Baha'is

The Baha'is of Mt Prospect, IL


Facts and Figures


What do Baha’is believe?

Who is Bahá’u’lláh?

What is the Bahá’í Faith?

What are some basic teachings of the Bahá’í Faith?

Who is the Báb?

Where and when did the Bahá’í Faith originate?

How many Bahá’ís are there?

Does the Bahá’í Faith have an international center?

Who is the head of the Bahá’í Faith?

What holidays do Bahá’ís observe?




Do the Bahá’ís have a holy book?

What do Bahá'ís believe about God?

What is the purpose of religion?

Is there just one true religion?

How does God reveal Himself to humanity?

What is the relationship of the Bahá’í Faith to Islam?

Do we have souls?

How do Bahá'ís pray?

What is the purpose of life?

Do Bahá’ís believe in Heaven and Hell?

What happens when I die?




How do Bahá’ís spread their beliefs?

How do I become a Bahá’í?

Do Bahá’ís observe any dietary restrictions?

Are Bahá’ís required to tithe a portion of their income?

What are the laws in the Bahá’í Faith?


Community Life


How is the Bahá’í community organized?

How do Bahá’ís worship?

How do the Bahá’ís relate to other religions?

Where does money come from for Bahá’í activities and projects?

What is the role of the individual in the Bahá’í Faith?

What is the Bahá'í view of marriage and family?

Are there any sects or branches of the Bahá’í Faith?

Do Bahá’ís have places of worship?


Social Action


What kinds of activities are Bahá’ís involved in for the benefit of others?

What is the vision for the future?

How do Bahá’ís relate to politics?

Do Bahá’ís suffer persecution?

What is the source of problems in today’s world?

What is the Bahá’í position on the status of women?

How do Bahá’ís view the environmental crisis?

What is the Bahá’í view of human rights?

What is the Bahá’í attitude toward poverty?

What is the Bahá’í concept of work?

What is the Bahá’í attitude towards science and technological progress?


Month List